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Get Pocket Pet Foods and Accessories at Our Pet Store in Ottawa

While we do not sell pocket pets, we do sell a wide variety of pocket pet food and accessories. At our pet shop you’ll find the following:

  • Birds and small animal supplies
  • Reptiles (feeders)
  • Fish

Please note that we no longer carry birds, pocket pets, or reptiles, but you can find supplies for a majority of these pets at our store. We also have supplements and feeders for reptiles. Come visit us in Ottawa to pick your new pet today!


We no longer carry birds at our store. However, we have a great selection of toys, food, and supplements for all birds. Looking for something specific? We can special order it in for you!


We no longer carry reptiles; however, we have an awesome selection of tank decorations, bedding, supplements, and feeders! Feeders include:

Crickets, Butter worms, Horned worms, Mealworms, Super worms, Silkworms, Mice (frozen), Rats (frozen), Pangea


We always have a supply of gorgeous beta fish in various colours and types, typically ranging from $9.99-$14.99. We also have all of the supplies necessary to get your tank started!

Pocket Pets

We no longer carry pocket pets, but we have an excellent selection of food, hay, toys, treats, and supplements for almost every small animal.

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